JDE Upgrade: do it in half the time!

Boomerang Upgrade Suite

A collection of our best-selling products with specific focus on helping you Upgrade JDE.

Integration: go for the best!

World-fastest REST middleware

With a per-call overhead of only 2ms, you can run hundreds of times faster!

Single Sign-On
An easier way to do SSO for JDE

There are always many ways to skin the cat in JDE world, but none as easy and powerful as ours! Non-intrusive and smooth as silk, our SSO is elegantly unparalleled.

Direct Access to JDE SPEC's
Developers' dream: full control

Everyone knows that some things are very complicated if not just plain impossible. Except that with this solution in your hands they are not just possible, but simply trivial.

JDE in the Cloud
Google Apps for JDE? Anywhere!

"The Cloud" is not just a marketing term, if you delve deeper and start using it: it's a new and better way of doing business with more rewards to be realized from less effort.


Leading design and innovation,
shaping the field of JDE solutions since 2003

Over the years, we have delivered many truly revolutionary solutions for JDE. Many of these solutions introduced new, better ways of performing standard tasks or opened entirely new paradigms in approach. Our software solutions have raised the bar for JDE tools throughout the market, changing many associated perceptions and improving many processes. We are proud to have even influenced the development of JDE itself.